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Cyborg vs. Shazam, Justice League variant cover
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Visible  by Giacomo Favillaon Behance

"Visible" is the second collaboration between Italian duo, Giacomo Favilla and Francesca Lombardi.

Favilla, whom is a photographer, and Lombardi, a designer, combine their works to create a unique dialogue between the traditional 2D view of photography and 3D materials of craft.

Male figures are posed wearing special hats on their own background, with their identities hidden and transformed into pure organic masks. Favilla shoots his photography with elements inspired by nature, while Lombardi works as a collector and redraws the features through collages of organic objects, with a goal to create a special link between atmosphere and matter.

Hats: Dasmarca London


Flavia Pitis: Breaking the Silence with

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Looking at the quiet, still paintings of Romanian artist Flavia Pitis, one gets the sensation that something wicked is looming on the horizon. Dimly lit with a chiaroscuro effect, the works present solitary children and sometimes adult women blissfully playing with floating objects and dolls, seemingly unaware of the ghostly ambiance surrounding them. Much like the scene before a big scare in a horror movie (when it’s tempting to scream “Don’t go over there!” at your TV), Pitis’ works uphold a fragile silence that might be broken at any moment. Take a look at some of her works below, images courtesy of Flavia Pitis.



dave mckean art

I’m always so surprised that Dave McKean doesn’t have a bigger web presence. He has been one of my biggest artistic influences since a friend first loaned me a Sandman comic in the early 90s. His work is dreamlike, dark, disturbing, mysterious and deeply gorgeous. His work has always found a place deep inside of me where it connects. And in my opinion, he helped pioneer an aesthetic and style that is still found frequently in all creative outlets today, from fine art down to music videos and tv commercials.

McKean is a true mixed-media artist. His work combines drawing, painting, sculpture, found objects, digital art, photography and collage. He began as a comic artist, working with Neil Gaiman on such early projects as Violent Cases and Black Orchid. And then came their collaboration on the Sandman series, the greatest comic book/graphic novel series ever, in my humble opinion. McKean has also dabbled in film as well, directing the visually stunning film MirrorMask (a film so imprinted with his artistic vision, it looks like his art come to life), and the short films The Week Before and N[eon]. He is in post-production of another feature length film, Luna, which does not have a release date at this time.

McKean has worked on countless other projects, including the Batman graphic novel Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth, the graphic novel Cages, CD covers for such musicians as Tori Amos and Skinny Puppy, and designed sets and directed film clips for the Broadway musical Lestat to name a few. He even is an accomplished jazz pianist. Seriously, I can’t even begin to list all what the guy does.


Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell

"I’m gonna shoot the devil in the face." 



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Enjoy the silence by AquaSixio

All my studies by AquaSixio

Medieval Batman by Tom Edwards


Medieval Batman by Tom Edwards


El corazón delator | Edgar Allan Poe